Your own rewards program

Issue unlimited rewards to participants for free

You only pay for redemptions.

Points or dollars

Your rewards currency can be points, dollars, or whatever you choose to call it.

Custom branding

Add your logo and choose a colour scheme.

Issue rewards your way

Instant email delivery

Type in an email address and send rewards.

Bulk Excel upload

Upload an excel file with email addresses and reward amounts.

API integration

Our powerful API (Application Programming Interface) allows for rewards automation and real-time delivery.

Risk free setup and trial

It's fast

Sign up and issue rewards within 10 minutes!

FREE account to trial, with no obligation

There is no cost for a basic account. (Optional paid plans are available for more advanced features.)

You're in control

You choose the rewards expiry, redemption options and features available. You can even add your own redemption rewards.

Smart commercial model

Keep the breakage

When a participant's rewards expire, you receive the commercial benefit.

Redemption float

Only add the minimum funds to your redemption float to allow for rewards redemptions.

Advanced redemption options

For more advanced redemption options beyond the basics, only a small fee per redemption applies.

Manage and analyse

Cancel rewards

You can cancel un-redeemed rewards whenever you like.

Simple reports

Monitor rewards issued and redeemed, member engagement and more.

Detailed analytics

Understand the health of your rewards program.

Participants love it!

No login accounts for participants

Your participants don't have to create an account. Their email address is the key to your rewards program.

Huge variety of redemption options

Your participants can choose to redeem for instant e-gift cards, and a huge range of other options.

View all retailers available

Minimal customer support requirements

A simple interface with detailed instructions minimises the need for intensive customer support.